Fumbling onward

When I'm painting, I often feel like I haven't a clue what I'm doing. I don't know how to proceed, or what to do next.

In progress...

In progress...

It can be scary to paint without knowing what I'm doing, feeling lost and out of control. But I just have to keep at it, and trust my intuition. I try to accept that I won't always 'know' what to do. I don't need to know what to do, I just need to do it.

It helps to realize that, as a fumbling artist, I'm not alone. Over the years I have heard many artists, in all sorts of disciplines, talk about being in the same situation.

In an interview, Alex Kanevsky said "The moment something works well and is under control - is the time to give it up and try something else."

Duane Kaiser has inspired thousands with his daily painting practice . Even he has moments of doubt, but he realizes that sometimes you have to just keep going. "My best painting often seems to happen when I'm lost and haven't the foggiest notion how to proceed."

Irish artist Cian McLoughlin "is invigorated by the uncertainty inherent in the creative process. Working without any prescribed vision, he embraces the challenges and impediments he encounters in his work." 

So, we fumble on, embrace the struggle, and just do something. And, if we're lucky, we might even be making art.